Collection of Speeding Fines, Offences and Camera Madness

If you search the internet for things like “Fastest ever speeding ticket”, you’re sure to find some pretty spectacular results. Well that’s exactly what I did, instead of putting my research into individual articles, I’ve listed my favourite finds into one document, enjoy.

Collection of Infamous Illegal Speed

7 tickets in 9 days – #TicketLAD

Meet Stacey Evans, 53 from Brigsley, Lincolnshire, received a 7 speeding tickets in just 9 days! Caught by average speed cameras, Mr.Evans claimed to be driving 35pmh, which in a 30mph zone, 35 is the minimum speed that a ticket can be issued.

He received four tickets on the Monday, and three more the following day. He says “It was early in the morning, there were no cars on the road and I was doing 30 to 35mph. It’s not as if I was doing 60 or 70. To stay at 30, you would be too busy looking at your speedometer rather than concentrating on the road.” There should be some sort of leaderboard for the most tickets issued in one week..




So fast I broke the radar gun! – #LeMansLAD

Imagine gunning it down a quiet motorway in Normandy, France when all of a sudden, your captured by police travelling at 160pmh, but subsequently broke the radar gun, meaning your score couldn’t actualy be confirmed! That’s exactly what happened to a Brit who was believed to be attending the 24 hours of Le Mans race.

A motorway Police spokesman said “Some British drivers treat the road like they are out for a day’s motor racing.”  He was immediately banned from driving on all French roads. He was summoned to appear in court where he faces a fine of up to £1,300. Thinking your a Le Mans driver because your in France..

Damn I got caught! A fire will sort this out! – #BurnCameraBurn

Driving along in the early hours of the morning and you get caught by a speed camera. Now, instead of continuing driving, Mr. Goody proceeded to set fire to the equipment before telling police his Land Rover has been stolen. Nice alibi Sam! Witness’s of the area claim they saw Goody pour liquid over the camera, which had been pulled down at this point, for it then to be set alight as he walked away and fled the scene.

The following day Goody reported the vehicle stolen, saying he had left it locked up in Cobham and when he returned it was gone. Samuel Goody, 25, appeared at Guildford Crown Court having pleaded guilty to arson and perverting the course of justice.

 The fastest speeding ticket ever – 242 mph – #RecordLAD

True or False, it’s not globally been confirmed.. but as to date, the fastest speeding ticket ever issued is awarded to Arthur Chirkinian, during the San Francisco to Miami Gumball Rally in May of 2003. The same car that held the fastest Top Gear lap time record the same year.

You should already know that when you hear “Koenigsegg” and “CCR” in the same sentence, numbers such as 240mph come streaming through you mind in a whirl of extreme speed. Arthur was doing 167mph over the limit of 75mph. Insane! But not everyone is convinced..

 Speeding Fine only £538,000 – #BankruptLAD

Why?! How?! Well..In Switzerland the level of the fine is always dependant on a person‘s income. If your income is millions a year, your likely to pay millions in a fine, no matters what speed you are travelling. This Swedish driver in his black Mercedes SLS, was finally caught driving 180mph on highway A18 by a high tech camera, after previous speed cameras on the road only went as high as 200kph and couldn’t get a reading of the SLS.

Following the Swedish rules on fines, this driver had to pay a total on £553,000. He said to police, “‘I think the speedo on the car, which is new, is faulty”.

 47mph cost Nokia boss $103,600 – #DidntEvenHit50LAD

Similar to the speed fine before, Nokia boss – Anssi Vanjoki was fined a total of $103,600 for driving 47mph in a 31mph zone! The guy didn’t even hit 50mph, but like Sweden, Finland base’s speeding fines on the proportion to the latest available data on an offenders income.

As Nokia boss, his salary was well in the millions we’d imagine at the time. He was driving his Harley Davidson at the time, which was 2001. Back then, this was the most expensive speeding fine on record.

 Sorry Dad, your Veyron was confiscated – #JoyrideLAD

I wonder what Michel Perridon’s reaction was when he found out his 20 year old son went for a joyride in his precious $1.8 million Veyron, drove 99mph in a 50mph zone and to top it off, police confiscated the Bugatti and his sons licence. The Veyron is regarded as one of the fastest production cars ever made.

Two days before in a separate incident, police in Plaatweg Stellendam in South Holland arrested a 22-year old man who rode his motorcycle at 197 km/h (122 mph) in an 80km/h zone. He also lost his license.

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