Fiat 500L Commercial – Explained

Who would have guessed Fiat could make such great adverts? Girls and humour seem to be the perfect formula for a great commercial. Advertising the Fiat range and the 500L in particular.

fiat 500l commercial

Fiat “Wedding”

Fiat capture the interior space of the 500L brilliantly in this commercial. Usability and practicality is what most commercials divert from, not Fiat. A woman changing for a wedding at the best of times could be described as organised chaos. The 500L shows that anything can be done! Adding humour, revving engines and some half naked women – Fiat may have found the perfect formula for the perfect commercial.

The Italians are coming!

The first ever commercial for the US-spec 500L explores what America might have been if the Italians had invaded instead of the British. Just scream the “The Italians are coming” and everyone looses their minds! Tea pots at replaced for espressos, cafe boards are switched for night clubs – you’ll get the idea by watching it below.

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