Guide to Santander British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix is one the most thrilling motor sport events on the calendar, so a guide seemed appropriate to make sure you and your mates have the best experience and get most out of the summer event in July.

guide to the british grand prix

McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 cars

What to wear?


In past experience, I set out expecting a five hour downpour only to be blessed with a blistering sunny day and a sweaty back. So trust me, anything can happen! I’d definitely recommend packing for all conditions; rain, mud and heat. An essential item and probably the most important – shoes. You want something protective against mother nature, reliable and averagely comfortable – because theres plenty of walking, and you can’t always sit down so comfort is a definite. I would suggest a decent pair of hiking boots, your favourite wellies or just some old Nike airs you’re likely to bin after.


Expecting a mid July weekend to be sunny, hot and a sky full of blue is most definitely the wrong way to start your British Grand Prix experience. Packing only some t-shirts, shorts and your favourite sunglasses will only result in a shivering beer cup and a trip to hospital for hypothermia. Dependant on your package – whether you’ve paid for one day or the full monty, you’ll have an idea of your stay. I mean at the end of the day you’re just a spectator, so you’re only given the minimum attention in regards to a luxury five star hotel. Expect to be sleeping in tents in a field based far far away from the track.

Don’t think for one minute that camping is a bad idea, it could end up being the funniest most memorable night of your life. Hanging out with your mates, drinking beer and eating bbq sausages stands as one the greatest things to do for man. (Check it off you list)

My Experience - British Grand Prix 2012
I brought only a small gym bag with some layers in – thermals mostly and one pair of shorts. I went for the Saturday (Qualifying) & Sunday (Race Day). Saturday it rained all day – typical British weather which turned out to one the greatest days of life. My first experience seeing a roaring Formula 1 car tear around Becketts was one I will remember forever. Nothing you’ve ever heard in your life compares to the sound that screams from the exhaust of a Formula 1 car. Go there and experience it for yourself. It may be expensive for a weekend event but it’s something I would recommend anyone to attend at least once in their lives.

Opening Lap, Copse Corner – 2011

The cars don’t appear until about 22 seconds – so hold on!

Where to sit/stand?

Watching F1 on a TV is fine – you’ll see more, it’s free and you’re in the comfort of your home. But no matter how big the price tag is for Grand Prix ticket, watching F1 live you savour up the atmosphere. An atmosphere millions of people around the world want to experience. If you get the chance to go, do it – you won’t regret it.

silverstone detailed map

Depending on whether you purchase a grand ticket or general admission, it massively limits your position relative to the race. A grand ticket offers you a (often) sheltered stand with good views across all directions, but does cost the most of all the ticket options. The general admission ticket is the most popular ticket option, which allows spectators to browse and wonder the circuit free of will, but viewing is completely independant. You stand where you want, sit where you can and can see enough for a good day.


If you opt for the weekend general admission, you get Saturday and Sunday. Great stuff – qualifying and the race. In my experience, I just watched the practise days at home. I spent Saturday getting to know my bearings, drinking lots of beer and wondering the circuit to find the best viewing position. We decided Copse Corner was for us – the fastest corner at Silverstone! 

Copse Corner (below) in the Grand Stand.

copse corner silverstone grand stand

Information – Ticket and General

View the event on TorqueAbout here – where you can purchase tickets, look at dates and links to official sites. –

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