Charles Morgan – #BringBackCharles

Updated Statement from Charles Morgan – 31/10/2013


I have been informed that Morgan has rejected my appeal and, as a result, I have been removed from Morgan Technologies

It is incredibly disappointing news for my family and myself. We remain very grateful for the expressions of support received from Morgan fans, workers and the public since this process began.

I have been dismissed on what I believe are very contentious grounds. Over the last 12 months, it was made increasingly clear that my philosophy to modernise Morgan did not fit with the philosophy of the current management.

My view is that Morgan’s future cannot rely on its heritage alone. As such, I endeavoured to introduce our unique brand to new markets such as China; to take Morgan racing again; and to engage the passion of a new generation using social media, and by doing interesting things such as the Gumball Rally in a 3 Wheeler.

My aim has been to give Morgan a bright future as an independent company.

My record in business is something I look upon with pride – volumes doubled during my tenure and profits for the first six months of the year had increased dramatically to £1.2 million.

I remain a major shareholder in the Morgan Motor Co and am concerned for its future. I will take time to consider my next actions and potentially explore other opportunities available to me.

Where possible I will respond to media enquiries, but please contact my representation in the first instance: Will Powell–

– Charles Morgan

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Morgan Motor Company – Our View

morgan 3 wheeler review Charles morgan motor companyEvery day at TorqueAbout HQ our inboxes are filled with an array of press releases and information detailing the latest advancements in the automotive world. Some are exciting, some are intriguing and many are just mundane. Then there are those odd few that make you shout aloud at your computer screen in disbelief.

That happened earlier this week with the revelation that there has apparently been a mutiny in the boardroom of the Morgan Motor Company and their eponymous leader Charles Morgan has been unceremoniously ousted from the helm of his family company.

Ever since the news broke, the internet has been awash with support for Charles Morgan from customers and staff alike, and with good reason. Under his leadership, Morgan has never been stronger or more innovative, and one of the main appeals of owning a Morgan is that you’re buying into the family heritage.

Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of other manufacturers trying to tempt you but Morgan has always been a little bit different – in fact it’s totally unique, there is no other car manufacturer like it in the world and without Charles Morgan as the figurehead many fans of the marque may start to wonder if the Morgan Motor Company they love is not quite what it used to be.

I was lucky enough to visit Morgan earlier in the year to test the Morgan 3-Wheeler and take a tour round the factory. Thousands tour the factory each year with practically everyone coming away being struck by the energy that emanates round the site, and wondering which family heirlooms they could cash in to get their hands on one of these magnificent hand crafted machines.

morgan 3 wheeler review Charles morgan motor company

As you’ll see from the statement above, Charles is appealing the decision and I’m sure he genuinely appreciates the support of the public and the Morgan employees, to whom he has created job security and a company to be proud to work for. Lets all get behind him.

You can show your support for Charles and his loyal members of staff by signing the petition at the top of this page calling for his re-instatement to the board, and by sharing this story with your contacts online. We’ll publish the number of signatories but please be assured that individual names will not be listed online to protect the identities of Morgan Motor Company employees and others associated with the company who may not wish to be publicly named.

Let me give an analogy as to what I hope the board will now be doing – flooring the accelerator in a 3-Wheeler whilst at standstill on a wet racetrack. The result – a rapid U-turn is performed.

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2 comments on “Charles Morgan – #BringBackCharles

  1. piers gormly

    I race an old vintage +4, and have a +8 road car, so I am a Morganeer.

    I have never met Charles, however a large part of the Morgan mystique is that until now it has been a family company.

    Having such a public spat, loosing the family figurehead is creating more damage than I think the board can imagine. The whole point of Morgan is it’s iconic vintage behaviour, Charles was a great PR leader for the company, and I hope the family resolves this, Morgan without a Morgan in the driving seat is just another automotive future fiscal casualty, who cares without the continuation of history, you guys just blew it.
    I hope you sort this out and soon.

  2. Colin Steven

    Do you remember the British motorcycle industry? They exported all over the world because they were the best. Then the japs came knocking and they laughed. They also failed to invest and modernise. Eventually sales dropped and the British motorcycle industry collapsed.(Japanese motorcycles, don’t make me laugh!) Colin Stevens.

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