Smarts are marketed widely including in Asia, North and South America, Australia and in Europe. Although small, they have met crash and passenger safety tests and requirements in many countries. They have been the subject of many conversions and design improvements by third parties, including electric conversions, performance upgrades, and design enrichments


One of the first controversies at MCC was the name of the car itself. Nicolas Hayek insisted it retain ‘Swatch’ in some way: “Swatchmobile”, or “Swatch Car”. Daimler-Benz refused, and pushed for a neutral name.The final name settled upon was Smart, an acronym that had been previously used internally by MCC for Swatch Mercedes Art.

By May 1994 the co-directors had identified 74 potential sites for the assembly plant. The final site was announced on December 20, 1994: Hambach, France. The purpose-built factory quickly gained the nickname “Smartville”.

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