Top 5 Motoring Gifts for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, finding the time to shop is likely to become more stressful each passing day. However thanks to the internet, online shopping couldn’t be easier. I have come up with a quick Top 5 Motoring Gifts for Christmas list, along with links and information for you purchase if you wish.

AutoSock Snow Socks

Where from?

Price? £49.95

Worried about driving on ice or snow in your car?

car socks Motoring Gifts for Christmas

AutoSock are super-strong textile socks which you pull over the driving wheels to provide the grip you need on ice and snow. They’re reusable, take up minimal storage space, and in many circumstances work better than winter tyres or snow chains.

Be prepared for the winter by carrying a set of AutoSock in your car, happy in the knowledge that:

  • Fitting them is easy. If you can pull a sock over your foot you can pull a fabric cover over a wheel.
  • Fitting them requires no practice.
  • They weigh less than 1kg and take up minimal space. It’s sensible to keep them with the spare wheel, always ready for use.
  • They are relatively universal, i.e. one size fits over 60% of cars.
  • They’re reusable again and again – providing value for money for years to come.
  • They always work!

Halfords Frost Guard

Where from?

Price? £5.00

Tired of scrapping that ice in the morning?

ice windscreen Motoring Gifts for Christmas

Features and benefits of the Halfords Frost Guard

  • Fits most cars including those with larger windscreens
  • Protects from frost
  • Zip up pouch for easy storage
  • Suction cups for secure fixing
  • Dimensions: 2.4m x 0.71m (7’10” x 2’4″)

NOW That’s What I Call Christmas

Where from?

Price? £10.99

Get in the Christmas Spirit, bang out the classics.

now thats what i call christmas Motoring Gifts for Christmas

Songs including

  • I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday – Wizzard
  • Marry Christmas Everybody – Slade
  • Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea
  • Stop the Cavalry – Jona Lewie
  • Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens
  • And More!

The Collection– Perfect Bodywork & Wheels

Where from?

Price? £34.99

Make Santa proud, keep your baby clean

car cleaning Motoring Gifts for Christmas

This collection contains six carefully chosen products to help you clean, polish and protect your car wheels and bodywork.

Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner and Clean Wheels

Super Resin Polish and Instant Tyre Dressing

Extra Gloss Protection and Alloy Wheel Seal

Triple Car Diving Experience

Where from?

Price? £99

Enjoy a terrific triple – drive three supercars for three miles each

driving experiences Motoring Gifts for Christmas

You’ll discover that three definitely isn’t a crowd with this fantastic triple super car driving blast! Exciting, exhilarating and highly entertaining, this amazing experience gives you the chance to drive your choice of three of the world’s most powerful, impressive and breathtaking supercars for three miles each! Available at 15 locations across the UK, you’ll have 13 super cars to choose from – including the fearsome Ferrari, the luxurious Lamborghini and the amazing Audi R8 – so you’ll be able to create your perfect driving experience!

This is your chance to discover the true power of the world’s most impressive beasts! Upon arrival you will be introduced to your supercar instructor, who will give you a welcome, introduction and safety briefing. Then comes the moment you’ve been waiting for – your chance to drive three supercars for 3 miles each! You will be able to drive three of the following supercars:

What can you drive?

Aston Martin DB9/V8 Vantage (model depends on location)
Audi R8 (Saturday only at Heyford Park)
Ferrari F430/360/355 (model depends on location)
Lamborghini Gallardo (not available at Scotland)
Lotus Elise (not available at Kenilworth, Elvington, Wales, Kent, Heyford Park or Stafford)
Porsche 911/997
Subaru Impreza WRX STi (not available at Wales, Kent, Carver Mod, Long Marston, Cotswold Airfield, Mintex and Aldershot)
Nissan GTR (Prestwold, Kenilworth, Elvington, Wales, Kent and Stafford only)
Misubishi Evo (Prestwold, Kenilworth, Elvington, Heyford Park and Stafford only)
Caterham (Carver Mod, Prestwold, Long Marston, Cotswold Airfield, Mintex and Aldershot only)
Hummer (Prestwold only)
TVR (Prestwold only)
Bentley Continental (Prestwold only)

At the Stafford location spectators will receive a 4×4 off-road passenger ride. At Prestwold and Kenilworth the customers also receive a 4×4 passenger ride. At the end of your experience you will receive an individual driving certificate to commemorate your day.

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