Volvo Trucks – The Ballerina Stunt

If you have been waiting for years to see a woman walk a slackline between two trucks moving a full speed, then you’re in luck.

This daring, and some might say slightly insane, stunt has never before been attempted and made hardened Hollywood stunt actors nibble that finger nails, until American slackliner Faith Dickey recently made history for Volvo Trucks in this video filmed on an almost completed new stretch of motorway in Croatia.

“I’m used to heights, long lines and lines that sway in the wind, but those lines are firmly anchored to cliff-faces. Walking a line attached to two moving points is something quite different,” says Faith.

The aim is to highlight the driveability and superior handling of the company’s latest truck model – the new Volvo FH. “This stunt started off as a way to test the precision of Volvo’s massive 16-wheeled trucks and ended up being just as much a testament to guts and courage.” adds Osdcar-nominated director of the film Henry Alex Rubin.

I can’t help but think this young lady has a very apt first name.

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