Will We Ever See Hypercar Three Way Test?

Whilst news of Jeremy Clarkson’s suspension from TopGear has left fans of the show worrying what will become of its future, let alone the rest of this series, it’s looking ever more likely that their most hotly anticipated three way showdown will continue to escape us.


Ever since the Ferrari La Ferrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 first started squaring up to each other we’ve wanted to see this incredible trio do battle on what many consider to be the definitive motoring battleground – the TopGear test track.


Earlier in the series it seemed like it might never happen due to the various restrictions being imposed by the manufacturers, yet in Sunday’s episode it was teasingly confirmed that the big three had finally agreed to the test after months of wrangling over the technicalities and that it was now merely a question of physically assembling the cars at the track at the same time.


Whether that will now ever take place is hanging in the balance, so surely whatever your views might be on Clarkson as a person and his recent conduct, let’s hope they get the show back on the air as soon as possible and let the battle of the three most important cars of the decade commence.

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