Wilton Classic Supercar 2014

The weatherman promised such an abysmal set of circumstances that a cancellation was contemplated for Wilton Classic Supercar day. Fortunately the eye of Hurricane Bertha missed much of the South and despite a wet morning there was enough sun in the afternoon to give all the vehicles a gleaming ‘just washed’ look. That is until the chamois emerged at the hands of the many enthusiasts who had attended, keen to remove every last bead of rain.

It’s an event I’d not been to before and I was maintaining modest expectations despite the promised selection of hypercars. In fact, as car shows go it turned out to be one of the most varied and interesting I’ve been to. Yes, the token rally stage and slow procession down the main driveway fell short of the hill at Goodwood, but in terms of sheer breadth of field and ownership interaction, Wilton Classic Supercar day didn’t disappoint one bit. Even making your way through the car park gives an impression of the scale, and in one of the periphery paddocks I counted 46 Maseratis in their section alone!

From the public car park you make your way through general club parking, followed by the various owners clubs and beyond that the manufacturers’ stands, showcasing their latest offerings. An arena featuring something for all the family then sits adjacent to an excellent selection of food and drink vendors. From steam engines to the miniature Land Rover experience for children, there’s plenty to see before you even cross the river to survey the main attractions by the house. And it’s here where the event name of Classic Supercar becomes apparent, with twins old and new of some of the most exotic cars money can buy, making the day well worth braving the weather. Checkout the highlights below for a better look…

For more information visit www.wiltonclassicsupercar.co.uk


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